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Positiv Tolls Tolich Toggle Dominika (Tolich Toggle) is being designed, created and assembled as a film and television enterprise:

Very similar as the usual thing to come out of the exclaimed vast excess of traditions spanning from the distinguished Hollywood era.

Tolich Toggle is being developed as a southern hemisphere version of Disney Land.

Like Walt Disney, we do not put input into mediocre trends.

We have fantasy themes not deducible to reason or rationality.

Bear witness to a theatre of dreams as you mislay reality.

All you have to do is muffle reality, then you can forge your way into making make great films.

The process of restricting fantasy yields a sin.

Our odd and strange agenda misleads people into a remission from reality.

A mammoth construct of fantasy makes up the core of our aesthetic ordinances.

We are mostly influenced by films made in the 70's, 80's and mid 90's, because they were more vociferous than modern films.

We want to go back to the old style of film making, not relying too heavily on the digital sequences which are used to make many modern films.

We seize upon the old-fashioned way of making movies.

Through going back in time you can create retro thrills, eventuallly so.

Reconciliation with old-fashioned ways of making films is our grand plan.

We have two films planned as well as one television programme, but these are being kept veiled undercover at the moment.

These films and programs have many demanding hurdles to go through before they will be cradled in immense prolific glorification.

The modern film and television industry is a crowded environment:

Paramount pictures, Universal, 20th Century Fox, Disney, Warner Bros and the likes are all in competition with one another.

Tolich Toggle claims to present primordial new territories which nobody else has discovered due to their modesty.

With this driving force Tolich Toggle will have the power to expand, superceding the need to go through further hurdles.

Tolich Toggle operates from New Zealand. Television and film procured by southern New Zealand film companies primarily for an American audience is an unmolested niché.

New Zealand is a picturesque utopia far far away from the rest of the world.

Southern New Zealand is a mountainous world of glorious beauty.

Our aim as a whole is to see New Zealand unblemished by modern, global trends.

But to create films we need to supplant everything kiwi. New Zealanders cannot act.

We are in the process of planning and developing films and television programs with puppet characters and themes in them.

Consequently, the way we conduct ourselves is chiefly exclusive to the puppet realm. Our obligation is to have all human influence habitually expelled.

The enterprise itself has zany foundations. Nothing is carried out with the deplorable glitz and glamour of the regular film industry. The dissolute legacy of masculine pretence is avoided.

The Tolich Toggle emblem, the garage door, was sanded down to reveal all of the colours which have been discriminated against over the years.

The meaning of the term "Positiv Tolls Tolich Toggle Dominika" is broken down and outlayed below.

Positiv Tolls

Positiv Tolls refers to processes where an individual attempts in principle to dodge, evade negative, dull, unappealing traditions and things — some of which take a negative toll on the body.

These processes being developed have a resonance and structure which has the ability to neutralize and absorb toxic, sorrowful energies. These energies can have a destabilizing effect on the individual.

"Positiv" signifies a positive accentuation to inhibit brooding insecurities of one’s personality, character and actions.

Do whatever it takes to reduce sources of general negativity formulated and enforced by authorities.

Stay appropriately positive beyond all conditions.

Support postive opportunities at all times possible.

Dismiss tragic and cruel traditions.

Any impingement of this positive vitality is not acceptable.

This positivity allows you to offset the frustrations of our day and age. You can avoid being flung into a state of pessimism.

Instead you will be flung into a state of formidable comfort.

Rather than wasting everything on a negative expression of things that can do you harm, you should throw your effort into practical purposes.


Tolich is a mispronunciation of the term “To latch”. Signifying a support device, a puppet harness; attachment to a fringe, peripheral restraining mechanism which controls every observable aspect of behavior and character.

Signifying supposedly such a case as when an individual conjectures that they may develop the propensity of being a puppet: a fabricated figure controlled by a swift kinetic device.

Developing a doll-like consistency, admirably succinct in terms of being inanimate, not life-like, you no longer have to winge about certain things such as reality.

Rather than being an emotive character or a person, the individual instead submits to agile engineering feats amidst loop and cable mechanisms.

The cables allow you to apply and maintain fluency and cohesion to the puppet.

The puppet is completely balanced and controlled with much brilliance and enterprising play.

Puppets deserve to act in a rare, haphazard manner.

Once the strings are attached, you won't be able to jump up and down soon enough, killing some time head-banging, jolting the head forwards and backwards.

You'll be tossed and swung around type of thing.

Rotation from underneath is also required to stay vertical. Having somebody’s hand up your rear-end makes for an exciting future. It is totally wonderful for you.


Toggle refers to the clamping device used, a toggle: a device attached to weightless suspension wires which allows the puppet or actor to be manipulated.


Dominika : To seize control of, to dominate; to possess universal domination; to control every possible spectrum of human life unconditionally, in all respects.

Positiv Tolls Tolich Toggle Dominika…

Tolich Toggle is a platform in which it is easy to consider as a scenario where everyone, everything in the world has an appropriate place of belonging:

Stars belonging within a particular sublime constellation….

Vertebrae having a particular place in the vertebral column….

And our star-fish brothers having a special place in the aquatic world.

And where the opinions and attitudes of a generation succumb to the domineering nature of occultism.

For any queries email Rhys Royce: Tolich-Toggle


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