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oo03330 (Double o Zero Triple Three Zero) is an alternative internet zone being developed in various kinds of ways as a substitute to the World Wide Web.

oo03330 is an intriguing plot to evacuate the World Wide Web.

oo03330 is alternative territory to the world wide web.

We are creating an alternative web community aimed at displacing the need for the WWW. We want to defect enthusiastically from it and reveal a legacy instead which can never be overridden.

oo03330 is a direct substitute for the World Wide Web.

It is a subversive renovation to completely rebuild the internet.

It is a more complex repository for internet phenomena than WWW because it contains both numbers and letters in its code name.

It is a domain for those that think the regular internet is pathetic and incomprehensible.

Our themes are not devised for those with lives that depend ultimately on habitual knowledge discovered from the regular internet.

We are not keen on the information highway because it has become too bloated.

The modern internet occupies to much space in modern people's lives.

We are not in the same vicinity as the world wide web.

oo03330 is an eccentric digital code which belongs in the frontier of science fiction.

It is a pseudo-digital edifice not ranked under the system of zeros and ones.

Digits are present as a boundless incongruity of useless but indestructible objects exempt from any integration of homogeneity.

We are in a different class to the regular internet.

We are a breakaway organization of the World Wide Web.

The WWW internet is responsible for the rising of spastic delerium in this modern age, supposedly so.

This internet domain is being created for those that find the regular internet frustrating and perplexing, and generally avoid going onto the World Wide Web.

There's that much junk on there that you wouldn't even know where to start looking.

The modern WWW is classified as a means to a farce which we distance ourselves from.

The modern internet is saturated with offensive junk, creating havoc among the unsuspecting.

oo03330 is a domain for those whom avoid the regular internet totally, preferring more unchartered territories in cyber space.

We are satirical of the proliferative trends of the modern computer age.

Our bizarre content is intended to support the growth and recovery of the modern internet.

oo03330 is being designed to strengthen and overhaul the modern internet.

There is a barrier directly in between oo3330 and the World Wide Web. oo3330 has its own framing, it doesn't share the same space as WWW.

It is created for those that are reluctant to go online, whatever their prerequisite for doing so.

oo03330 is detached from the regular internet because it is too cluttered, chaotic and confusing.

oo03330 is dynamically separated from WWW. This is a monumental separation from the regular World Wide Web.

Our aim is to restabilize the internet through providing a manual of internet use.

Our aim is also to paint a stifling picture of the modern internet. This enables us to furnish the internet with a spectacular bulk of schemes and ideas.

A manual is needed because the modern internet is big and extravagant and overall difficult or impossible to comprehend.

Alongside all this, we are endeavouring to dump many cranky and peculiar schemes and ideas into cyberspace.

We wish to take delight in the honourable task of creating an immortalized spectacle.

Like WWW, in the future we will have our own gallery of products and services which are full of heritage and recognized as an exhibit.

The scale of our ambition is quite big in terms of production and power.

The modern internet is becoming a mammoth farce which doesn’t seem to be regressing.

oo03330 will restrain and exorcise this farce beyond tomorrow and into the next millennium.

The internet overall is not really a vessel of innovation. The most entrepreneurial of internet companies will be reluctant to share the secret wherewithal of their success online.

Websites on oo03330 will be navigated through by a feature-rich internet enterprise known as:


On Evouxolloctar communication is not laissez-faire like it is on Facebook; the likelihood of staying informed will require bravery.

On Facebook brave people are evicted because it has insensible guidelines and protocols.

Evouxolloctar will deliver underground iconic communication.

The Scope for Developing a Sumptuous Independence

Use of the oo03330 domain is prohibited unless rights and permission is given. Special conditions apply.

Web site operators pay a negotiable sum to put their website on our domain. The rate charged depends on data load and overall traffic capacity.

But we don’t outline or put emphasis on commercialism. The most important aspect of our modus operandi is mosaic diversity, which is a renowned, significant factor of western civilization.

Being an independent enclosure sealed off from the regular internet, this provides the scope for various enterprises to develop a sumptuous independence all of their own.

The sites of oo03330 are rigidly controlled. Persistent conditions apply. This regulative tradition aims to restore the contemporary internet, which has a general lack of prestige.

Fundamental Platform for the Advantage of Mankind

How oo03330 differs from WWW is that we have our own humungous agenda, which is contained in the layout of this site.

To withstand the pressure of the astronomical weight of information erupting from the information age you need some kind of a Empire, otherwise the internet will be on the brink of collapsing.

The other difference between oo03330 and WWW is that our domain does not support social media or video-sharing platforms.

On social media and video sharing sites, people can gain adoration in a flash; but notwithstanding the success, the adoration soon fades away.

Social media sites such as Facebook are a popular space for yuppies to make easy-care social contacts.

These are places where it is difficult to generate fun and fulfilment from day to day.

Today is the day for the beginning of the end of social media. We embrace a bold pandemonium which is capable of diminishing the need for it.

It is sad but true that social media is a stagnant option for those seeking to build companionship with others.

Communications arrangements had through social media lack cult panache.

Much of the stuff you see on social media is awful, and no guidance is supplied for minors and children.

Free social media is not a colossal pioneering social monument, even though people flock there in uncountable multiplicity.

Also, most free information on the internet is disagreeable and unreliable.

Facebook is not an ideal way of life because it never takes you somewhere unexpected.

Facebook is a fleeting arrangement, there is nothing solid to believe in.

Facebook is not an engrossing form of entertainment and leisure to share with your sweetheart.

On social media there is loads of horrid and inappropriate material. Geeks engage in this and get their kicks from it all, confronting the trend.

We encourage internet users to develop their own websites, rather than rely on systemic demarcations of social life such as Instagram and Facebook.

Social media platforms are criticized for being shallow, transparent and tabulated.

On social media there are gay forces and liberal rhythms which are neither interesting nor important. There are no real men flaunting guns on their hips.

Remove the ponces from the internet, then Facebook will be shut down.

This is the crucial ultimatum: Once you get onto social media, there is nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. You get caught up in the environment you're in. It all becomes a popular bottleneck.

Our enterprise is created for those that worry about the effect Facebook is having on modern culture. It is a ruthless internet interface, and puts you behind the 8-ball sometimes.

On the regular internet, more and more there is progressive demoralization and degradation waiting for you.

This destruction and shortage of moral energy is so very vivid.

The modern internet is embellished with numerous forgettable trends and themes which many young people are virtually confined to as a group.

It is crucial to shut the door leading into the World Wide Web, because more and more it is becoming filled with pornographic sludge.

This affects the attitudes and conduct of younger people, and creates a turning point in their maturation process.

What is available on the internet is immense and manifold. In this case it is more or less axiomatic that you need some kind of starting point, a base which acts as a means of traversing the internet.

The oo03330 domain provides this basis, this fundamental platform, for the advantage of mankind.

There is no insuperable peril here like there is on the regular world wide web.


TWELIV LIFE OF THEREOF ON FILE OF is being developed as a ritualistic database to search the oo03330 internet with.

The entire universe is stratified into 12 domains.

We refrain from delivering quantities of information. Quality is preferred over quantity.

The entire universe is constrained and calibrated into a twelve-fold system:

Philosophy, religion and spirituality

Calisthenics (ballet, dance, ice skating, etc)


Film and television



Science and technology



Health and beauty


Books and literature

A hurricane of a Crusade

The mass brilliance of the internet is a permanent fixture in the lives of many in this contemporary day and age. But it needs to be renovated and restored for today's home.

With some exceptions, we do not endorse free sites. Logging onto such sites, there are many diabolical drawbacks and significant trade-offs.

The only sites we generally offer for free on our network are those which we have created ourselves.

Free internet sites are not researched adequately nor put together well. They are the epitome of moroseness.

It is sad but true that it is money that builds proud economies; embarking on the use of free services you accumulate bad habits.

It is better to pay for internet trades and services, because frequent, everyday use of free services can potentially put you into a slump; a slump where ambitions can lose their sovereignty.

The best sites require a furnishing of effort, energy, time and money. Everything else is a turn off, and becomes forlorn after a while.

Sites offered for free obviously require no qualitative pledging of skill, attitude or allegiance.

Being partitioned from the regular World Wide Web, oo03330 chiefly creates and preserves nirvana; it is an almost irreplaceable thrill.

oo03330 is not so much an internet domain as a crusade: it is a hurricane of a crusade.

oo03330 is an extraordinary sort of bizarre world totally really worth pursuing one way or the other; it has a brilliance and fervour which is most fascinating.

We are not even on the same time-span as the World Wide Web.

Facebook is a flat and mono-dimensional internet zone; it has simple parameters. On social media there is no dash of spirit or innovation.

We believe the internet can be embraced as an elite and lavish venue. The internet can become a beautiful, big, grand technostructure in just a few clicks.

Our chief proposition is that we will be able to designate an internet experience which has nothing determinate about it other than simplicity itself.

This is connoisseurship as it should be.

This elitism creates gorgeous enchanting wonder designed to satisfy.

He who controls opportunistic destinies controls the future.

A main theme of oo03330 is that we have a phobia of laptop devices, tablets, cell phones and other technological devices of our modern era.

It's just the frustrations of it all, being shackled to a laptop, tablet or smartphone, the wits can become threadbare.

Modern folks underestimate the impediments that digital gadgets can cause.

Some people you just can’t educate, and these people become their own worst enemy.

Many people’s lifestyles are contingent upon digital devices. But this does not guarantee prosperity as a thing in itself. Use of mobile phones and tablets for non-essential purposes more often constitutes a farce of some magnitude.

An Environment where Technological Innovation Rages

We support web sites which offer some kind of innovation, progress and advancement for humankind:

Websites with terrific, exceptional, large-scale panache, where there is no telling what spark they can provide.

Websites which are wonderfully meaningful and keenly ceremonial and moving:

Places on the internet which provide inspiration, or the equivalent of inspiration: motivation.

Our aim is to create an environment where technological innovation rages. This innovation is accessible directly from the household.

People on the internet wish to head to a location in cyberspace where they genuinely believe they can switch off from the carousel of normal everyday problems and issues.

In this way, logging onto the internet can be a fabulous and luxurious routine which is especially useful.

This all leads to vast beautiful spectacular prestige never ending.

Standards of Efficiency and Virtue Something Chronic

Double o Zero Triple Three Zero has been designed to sound like something out of a science fiction or fantasy movie.

We aim to discard the worship of reality, and create an affectionate spectacle which is strange, odd, bizarre, slightly overly cranky.

As well as having hues of fantasy and science fiction, the domain will be able to host real and usable innovations and creations immeasurable and immense.

Fantasy is a glamorous buffer, a juxtaposition to reality, which circumvents realism.

Through the oo03330 domain, all of the frustrating and unsettling experiences of the regular, real world of the internet are avoided.

Undoubtedly, all going well, if standards of efficiency and virtue are maintained, the prestige of oo03330 will loosely eclipse that of the entire World Wide Web.

The Usefulness and Accessibility of the Internet

Website developers on the World Wide Web suffer acute delirium when trying to develop a concrete, new, substantial domain.

There is deadlock throughout the World Wide Web.

This is because on WWW, many prominent domain names are already taken or reserved; and everything is becoming congested, which is a nightmare plight, because there is no feeling of flow and space looming.

The usefulness and accessibility of the internet itself becomes near enough to being totally compromised. There is little wiggle room, or anything else mirroring a sense of freedom.

oo03330 is intended to be an autonomous, self-contained, independent internet interface which can offset this lack of freedom.

This enhanced autonomy has liberatory potential; a new way of using the internet opens up.

To remain tremendously robust, you have to put a big shield up, and isolate yourself from the outside world.

Herein we are secured from the exterior world, and everything that circulates within it.

Exodus from the World Wide Web

The flagship internet protocol HTTP itself cannot be changed. The protocol ensures that going from one website to another, there is a generally smooth carry-on-through, roll-over effect.

But WWW itself, and the great frustration it causes, can easily be reconfigured and transmogrified.

For the avant-garde, maximum reconfiguration of the internet is a priority.

WWW has become the most lush and fashionable internet domain. Yet it has lost much of its spontaneity and force.

People have become so accustomed to WWW that the term is no longer used anymore. Use of the term has become facile, insipid and blasé.

This prompts the need for a prudent response, an exodus from the World Wide Web.

The problem with WWW is that the internet was always built to be rigorously mosaicist (frameless). Yet most people restrict their use of the internet to one or two sites, such as You Tube and Facebook. This is a real tragedy, terrible, catastrophic.

Overall, companies such as Facebook have created an obnoxious monopoly; a futile monopoly which encroaches on everybody's experience of the internet world.

Google provides a conservative map of the world; a canvas which is not very positively or negatively radical or quirky.

Google is a commercial instrument. It is not a useful space if you are seeking a sense of excitement. It navigates you into so much stuff that you don’t even need.

Google fuels consumerism and other monetary scenarios.

It is shaped and fashioned by a proliferation of commercial values and concerns.

Facebook is also a faceless and nameless outfit. It has the internal structure of a corporate giant. Like Google, its monopolistic tendencies are unmatched.

Facebook is comprised of itemized faces subjected to demographic study.

There is no exceptional sprinkling of razzamatazz to check out.

Free sites and apps are fairly routine in the way they collect a drudgery of demographic data from you and traffic them to other sites.

It makes it uncomfortable for everybody, that on social media sites such as Facebook, one’s own personal timeline is fissured and pitted with advertisements.

Facebook creates a snapshot of your profile and lets the whole population know who you are.

On the conventional internet, advertisers try to take up as much possible space in every possible way.

The amount of advertisements on the regular web means that anything potentially productive is thwarted.

Advertisements and pop-ups are horrible things. They make the internet a lousy, poxy place to go.

Computer systems are great things so long as they are used the way they are supposed to be used.

On social media, there is nothing productive or functional going on, it is blanketed with direness.

On Facebook, some people get a bit more friendship than others; jealousy and loathing occurs somewhere along the line.

On social media everybody tries to gain more and more friends, and the greed sets in.

Greed has no boundaries, so it cannot be deflected easily.

Friends: the more you have, the more you want. Eventually you take whatever's going. That's what it comes down to.

For sure, there is no substitute for the everyday peer support people on Facebook receive. People seek casual care and advice from others.

Yet social media optimizes troublesome activities such as bullying and disputes. This all needs to be abandoned if the internet is to be an indispensable part of the modern household.

Social media produces a miserable general collection of people. It is designed to foster apathy of all types and sizes.

There needs to be some unprecedented acknowledgement and recognition that there is friction, discord and disharmony on the internet, and that social media is the pump house which creates most of this.

It is deplorable that buddies from young days often end up falling out on social media.

Rather than hosting colourful interactions between people, social media has become a hostile saga.

You can build a world around all of the hustles and tussles which occur on the social internet.

Social media has big human impact which is unsafe for you because it is unjustly volatile.

Facebook is a consumer hate machine; it is a vehicle of doom; there is no vintage to take pride in.

Being on social media is like being on an everyday stage-like social chain gang.

Social media is something you need to be precautionary of, because many people pursuing a lifestyle through it are accomplished narcissists; there egoism is difficult to curtail.

This high potency narcissism is a collective expression of egoism which cradles megalomania.

Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are not social at all. People on these sites are busy working on their own ego.

To measure and calculate the size of these egos, you would need a weighbridge capable of a large capacity of tonnage to estimate the chauvinism.

Facebook is a universal portal of egoism which people access from morning till night.

Facebook is the bustling hub for the narcissistic generation.

Creation of the internet was a staggering milestone, but in these modern times it has become disempowered.

The degradation is due to social media. Everything on the social internet is patchy, ramshackle, lacking momentum and poignancy. Nothing really grabs you.

Surplus upset emerges enough to satisfy the conditions of being a vulgar farce.

Those on social media, rather than finding a solution to their problems for themselves, consult with peers instead, putting their feelers out to get their bearings in life...whatever.

The majority of people that join social media do so because their peers are doing the same thing.

They feel it is a compulsory thing to do, because otherwise their social life will be undermined, undervalued.

This is how trends begin: one person creates them, and others rejoice in following that trend. The rest follow in formation.

Facebook is a sinister facility; upon a survey, there is nothing compassionate or compelling about it. There is no vibrant intensity.

Facebook has the one single function: that of providing a place where pleasant family atmospheres turn into a fiasco. A frenzy rapidly develops in abundance.

The stupendous drift of people heading to social media represents a simple lifestyle incongruous with our protocols.

It has become quite normal for teenagers to revolve themselves around social media.

This causes intense behavioural and cognitive changes in the individual. It is a travesty for every commoner of society.

In future years, the popular posy of social media will not exist; it will be considered a dysfunctional destiny.

Yet at the same time, being dysfunctional has a celebratory aspect to it.

The problem with social media pages is that too many look the same, and you get confused.

When confusion escalates, the atmosphere can become inadequate in terms of intrigue and fantasy.

On social media, getting used to all of the environments which bring joy and intrigue is almost impossible, they are quite lost.

When this lurking confusion escalates into something more solid and absolute, the fantasy realm will accrue waste and impurities. Classical humanism is transformed into a myth under threat.

Facebook is junior entertainment, it is not for legions of adults.

Facebook is a teenager way of life, it is an adolescent plot which exasperates adults.

In an elementary pattern, Facebook has furnished the most childish generation ever.

Everybody wants an existence which is special and meaningful 24 hours a day, but this cannot be had through social media.

On this planet, we’ve all got to live somewhere, and create a lifestyle which is firmly and permanently not prone to vacuity.

The Internet Bubble Shrinks a Little

It will be a year and a half tops when the WWW will begin to slide in popularity; other domains will be in the running to either transcend or juxtapose the World Wide Web.

But we don't want to see the internet bubble burst. We just want it to shrink a little: to see it whittled down as a phenomena; condense it all down: let the bubble slide away slowly, and then wait for it to settle down, and then ping it.

In a lugubrious way, the information age is beginning to control people’s lives, and that’s virtually it. It controls their lives, in a septic way, from dawn to dusk.

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